About Us

At the center of our story is Libby’s incredible career journey, marked by creativity, care, and a strong focus on overall health and wellness. With over 25 years in technology leadership, Libby brings vast knowledge and insight to her mindfulness work.

Libby’s career has taken her to places with significant roles in digital health, including positions at respected organizations like the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services and athenahealth. During a break from this work,  Libby reckoned with the “always be busy” culture that no longer aligned with her values and embarked upon a new way of living. That is when she discovered the power of helping others by promoting well-being, sparking a passion that reshaped her life’s direction.

Motivated to share the benefits of mindfulness and nature connection, Libby pursued certifications as a Meditation Teacher and Outdoor Mindfulness Guide. Her goal is simple yet profound: to blend modern science with ancient mindfulness practices to facilitate healing and growth.

Libby’s programs focus on connecting with nature and our inner worlds, combining Forest Therapy with forms of Meditation to help individuals reset and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Libby’s approach is centered on her values of authenticity, compassion, and kindness. As a Certified Mindfulness Mentor, she warmly and emphatically meets people where they are and guides them toward self-discovery and growth.

Through her work, Libby aims to help others navigate life’s challenges with mindfulness, reduce stress, increase joy, and stimulate a deeper connection to nature and self. 

Meet Libby

A catalyst for change, Libby is a breath of fresh air in the ways she offers self-awareness and mindfulness. Her life story shows strength, self-discovery, and the peace nature brings. 

Through hard times and reflection, Libby realized nature’s calming effect during grief. In the quiet woods, she found a new perspective on healing. One of her favorite quotes comes from Ram Dass, “Calm the mind, open the heart.”

This realization led Libby to explore mindfulness and the interconnection of everything and everyone. She shifted from the corporate world to becoming a certified Meditation Teacher and Outdoor Mindfulness Guide, driven by her personal growth and desire to help others.

Libby’s career has been varied, from startups to big companies in digital health. But her time in nature and learning from mindfulness experts shaped her mission to promote well-being.

As a Certified Mindfulness Mentor, Libby is warm and empathetic and meets people where they are. Her story inspires hope, showing how authenticity, resilience, and nature’s healing power can transform lives.

Libby’s work focuses on personal growth, mindfulness, and kindness. Whether leading forest therapy or during mentoring sessions, she aims to empower others on their journey to happiness and healing.

About Her Offerings

Born from Libby’s deep love for nature and holistic well-being, her experiences offer a haven for rejuvenation and growth. It blends modern mind-body practices with ancient mindfulness, guiding participants on a journey of immersion and self-discovery in inspiring natural settings.

Led by Libby, a supportive and compassionate Meditation Teacher and Outdoor Mindfulness Guide, her work provides immersive experiences to reconnect with oneself and nature. Blending Forest Therapy, Sound Meditation, and Mindful Movement into her events fosters inner calm and builds resilience.

It is a step into nature, which awakens one’s senses and takes them on a journey of renewal and self-discovery.

“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Discover carefully chosen venues that elevate your mindfulness journey, from tranquil forests to stunning landscapes.


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