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Offering mindfulness coaching and nature-based experiences that blend science-backed practices with ancient wisdom.

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Experiencing modern nature immersion techniques blended with ancient practices in tranquil settings.

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Calm your mind and open your heart through mindful daily living.

About Libby

Tech leader turned healing coach and nature guide. Certified in coaching, meditation, self compassion, and forest therapy. Workshop host and nature connection advocate. Join Libby and embrace the healing power of mindfulness and nature.

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Connect with the natural world in a new way – by slowing down, engaging all your senses, and immersing in nature with your body, heart, and mind.

This class requires registration and meets at the farm.

We will not go fast or far. Please be sure to bring footwear, hydration, and gear that is suitable for walks in nature.

Step into an afternoon of joy and connection in this nature immersion workshop. Join this day to reconnect with the natural world, yourself, and like-minded humans. Our day will include a nature immersion walk with Kripalu meditation and nature-themed creative expression, followed by relaxing yoga and sound bathing. We will close the day with a tea circle and group reflections.

This day is about embracing life and living the one life you love. Integrating new tools and practices into your daily ritual makes this workshop the perfect opportunity for transformation. Reserve your spot now and embrace the journey that awaits.

Come and experience a day beyond the ordinary, surrounded by Sunset Hill’s enchantment, only 90 minutes from Boston. 
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When was the last time you sat down and relaxed? In our tech-heavy, fast-paced world, getting caught up in scrolling, distractions, and rabbit holes is easy and happens before we know it. If you’re grappling with stress, disconnection, or stagnation, join Libby and learn practices to reclaim your awareness and live with more self compassion and ease. 

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Current Services

Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindfulness Coaching

Libby works with individuals who want to fully embrace this one life — to ride the waves of life more with more ease.

Having a coach walking beside you can be the support you need to make fulfilling and lasting life changes.

Learn more and meet Libby via an informal online chat – think of it as learning about each other over a cup of tea. 

Schedule a session now using Calendly. 

Transformational Workshops

Transformational Workshops

Libby expertly designs classes and workshops to support individual transformation and healing. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of life, or “retreating,” allows us to set aside the worries or stressors of the day and reconnect with our inner worlds. 

Many powerful science-backed practices are blended throughout Libby’s events, including breath work, restorative practices, and nature walks. Libby’s workshops are offered in private and public settings. 


Nature Walk Immersions with Kripalu Meditation

Connect with the natural world in a new way by slowing down, engaging all your senses, and immersing your body, heart, and mind in nature. Libby offers walks in inspiring nature settings in the Greater Boston area and the Kearsarge region of New Hampshire. View the current events for upcoming classes or get in touch about private events.

From Libby’s Participants


When Libby said we should leave our worries and to-do lists at the foot of the forest and could pick them back up later, I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. Libby led our private group on a peaceful and mindful journey through a local forest and encouraged us to connect with our breath and use all of our senses to absorb our surroundings. I learned a few new observational techniques along the way and heard some inspirational quotes. Libby’s calm and kind nature permeated the experience. I would absolutely go on another forest flow walk in the future.


Forest Flow was an amazing experience that exceeded my expectations! Though I often take walks in the woods, it was so helpful to be reminded to slow down and really experience and notice the natural world using all of my senses. Libby’s calm guidance and wisdom helped elicit some powerful reflections from the group during our debrief. I emerged from the woods feeling calmer and more centered. I highly recommend Forest Flow!


Libby's mindfulness nature walk helped me slow down, tune in to nature, and de-stress. I highly recommend this calming experience.


I found my first Forest Flow walk to be a delightful, thoughtfully composed combination of meditation and immersing myself in nature. With Libby's guidance, I was able to slow down and use all of my senses to pay attention to the forest and my own body and mind in ways I had not before, both as we walked and when we sat in quiet meditation. And I appreciated the wisdom that emerged from the group as we shared about our experiences. I came away relaxed, centered, and grateful.


It was such a wonderful day! I left calm, centered, and rejuvenated. We spent the day in the gorgeous farm building and outdoors for peaceful walking and sound meditation. Libby’s approach to mindfulness is kind, supportive, and inclusive. I left the retreat with a new intention for 2022 and squash from Chef Kelcy’s fantastic talk on mindful eating!

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature with Libby

With mindfulness meditations, healing retreats, and nature walks, find inner peace and rejuvenation amidst nature’s embrace. Start your journey towards holistic wellness today!

Forest Flow
Forest Flow
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Forest Flow